sábado, 1 de abril de 2017


Hello, my name is Dalio. I am a 10 years old boy, I was born on the 29th of May in Huesca. Now I live in Bolea in a beautiful house in the country.

I am very tall, thin and strong. My eyes are brown and my hair is brown too.

I usually wear sport clothes but sometimes I wear a shirt and jeans. I like playing datchball, doing athletics and going skiing. My favourite food is soup and hot dog.

My best friend is Lorién, however I have many other friends.

I live with my mother Ana, my father Javier, and my little brother Nicolas, who is 3 years old. 

In my free time I practice nambudo.

And this is all about my live.

miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017

my presetation , Emely

Hello name is Emely and I am ten  years old , I live in huesca.  My favorite colours are yellow and blue and my favorite sport is baskteball .👭

My family we are two brothers and  one sister my mum Sonia is 41 years old and my father  is  41 years old , my brother is 26 years old , my other brother is 17 years old and my sisteris   ..32 years old

My family is from in the Dominican republic. .

My favorite subject is P.E  ,my favourite fruit is banana
I like swimming 😍 
My best friends are Idiatoua, Vanessa and Sara   😍💕💕
-I was  born 9th  december ,in 2003 ,my hair is black 

sábado, 18 de marzo de 2017



Hello my name is Carla✋✋, I´m 10 years old, and I am from Spain and I live in Huesca.

We are four people in my family: my mother Yolanda, my father Carlos, my sister Leyre and me. When I didn't exist, my mother worked in a hospital, but now in a grandmother and grandfather center, its name is Casa Aisa. My sister and me go to school.

I have brown hair, sometimes straight and sometimes wavy hair. I had fringe in
... summer of 2016 but I cut it. I have brown eyes and I also have a freckle near my

I like sport and in P.E  I always wear very comfortable clothes 👕. My favourites subjets
are; P.E, English, and art and craft. I LIKE ANIMALS 🐬🐱🐯🐶🐺 but I don't have
any pets😹😹and this is why I cry sometimes, but one of my friends (Tana) has one pet: a cat and when I go to her house



Hello my name is Lara .This is my presentation.

-I live in Huesca which is in Spain.I like Huesca because it is beautiful and small city.

-In my family there are four people.They are: my dad Dani, he is 43 years old, my mum Sonia, she is 42 years old, my brother Oscar, he is 6 years old and me, Lara I am 11 years old. All the rest of my family are living in Casbas. My grandfather  Paco has two dogs. They are like my own dogs.

I have a lot of friends, but my best friends are Maria, Yaiza, and Tana. I knew them when I was 3 years old. I spend all my free time with them.

-I was born  on the 3rd of August, in 2006. My hair is brown, long and wavy, but when I was a baby my hair was curly. I have a medium height. I have  brown and  small eyes.

In my free time I like playing Nambudo. I love playing the drum too. Also I like swimming.

I would like to be hairdresser as my mum.I like rollerblading ,play drum ,eat all,I  like play table games ...
idon'tlike study social bue I like a lot my teachers Susana and Maria.My favorites subjets are P.E, arts, religion.

 I like playing the drum with my friends❤.My association is Real Cofradia the Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno.I like a dogs, cats, birds...

miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017

Lorien and his life

  1. My life
Hello my name is lorien I was born the 29 of May in Hesca but Im registered in Naval .My colour hair is brown , my eyes are blue,and Im very tall .I play the violin🎻 and I like skiing🎿.Im ten years old.My fauvorite food is milk,I could not live without milk.

In my free time  I cook  and draw😃😃 🎨

I'm very funny and kind and never shy. My father's name is Luis my mather´s name is Yolanda  and my syster is Rocio.
I do atlethics and baseball.I have a dog his name is fanny
My best friend is Dalio and my friends are Lucas.S ,Alberto, Pablo, Juan and more...

And this is all about my life.By Lorien