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Hello my name is Carla✋✋, I´m 10 years old, and I am from Spain and I live in Huesca.

We are four people in my family: my mother Yolanda, my father Carlos, my sister Leyre and me. When I didn't exist, my mother worked in a hospital, but now in a grandmother and grandfather center, its name is Casa Aisa. My sister and me go to school.

I have brown hair, sometimes straight and sometimes wavy hair. I had fringe in
... summer of 2016 but I cut it. I have brown eyes and I also have a freckle near my

I like sport and in P.E  I always wear very comfortable clothes 馃憰. My favourites subjets
are; P.E, English, and art and craft. I LIKE ANIMALS 馃惉馃惐馃惎馃惗馃惡 but I don't have
any pets馃樄馃樄and this is why I cry sometimes, but one of my friends (Tana) has one pet: a cat and when I go to her house



Hello my name is Lara .This is my presentation.

-I live in Huesca which is in Spain.I like Huesca because it is beautiful and small city.

-In my family there are four people.They are: my dad Dani, he is 43 years old, my mum Sonia, she is 42 years old, my brother Oscar, he is 6 years old and me, Lara I am 11 years old. All the rest of my family are living in Casbas. My grandfather  Paco has two dogs. They are like my own dogs.

I have a lot of friends, but my best friends are Maria, Yaiza, and Tana. I knew them when I was 3 years old. I spend all my free time with them.

-I was born  on the 3rd of August, in 2006. My hair is brown, long and wavy, but when I was a baby my hair was curly. I have a medium height. I have  brown and  small eyes.

In my free time I like playing Nambudo. I love playing the drum too. Also I like swimming.

I would like to be hairdresser as my mum.I like rollerblading ,play drum ,eat all,I  like play table games ...
idon'tlike study social bue I like a lot my teachers Susana and Maria.My favorites subjets are P.E, arts, religion.

 I like playing the drum with my friends❤.My association is Real Cofradia the Nuestro Padre Jes煤s Nazareno.I like a dogs, cats, birds...

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Lorien and his life

  1. My life
Hello my name is lorien I was born the 29 of May in Hesca but Im registered in Naval .My colour hair is brown , my eyes are blue,and Im very tall .I play the violin馃幓 and I like skiing馃幙.Im ten years old.My fauvorite food is milk,I could not live without milk.

In my free time  I cook  and draw馃槂馃槂 馃帹

I'm very funny and kind and never shy. My father's name is Luis my mather´s name is Yolanda  and my syster is Rocio.
I do atlethics and baseball.I have a dog his name is fanny
My best friend is Dalio and my friends are Lucas.S ,Alberto, Pablo, Juan and more...

And this is all about my life.By Lorien

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Hello, my name is Luc铆a,  I am ten years old and I am from Huesca. My favourite sport is skating, my two favourite colours are purple and blue and my favourite food is pasta with tomato and cheese.

We are four in my family and two pets, my mum is  Pili and she is a receptionist, my father is  Jose Tomas and he is a policeman and my best brother is Andr茅s and he is 13 years old.

I have two dogs, the female is called Maya and the male is called Copy, maya is dangerous, fat,  brown and his eyes are green, Copy is big, thick,black, white and brown, Maya`s birthday is on one of April and the Copy`s birthay is on  Dicember.

Every weeks I, go to school and on Monday and Wednesday I go  skating and on Tuesday and Thursday I go at the Virginia Lion that is an  english academy.

Inside the school my favourite subjets are P.E, english and arts and crafts.

I am very friendly , I am very lucky person because I have a family that loves me, I am a little untidy and I sometimes I hit with my brother.

I have black and straight hair, I am tall and thick, I like doing sports, inside my face there are a red mouth, a nose, ears and two brown eyes.

And this is all about me. Thanks for listening  or reading this.



My name is Pablo I am 10 years old.I was born the 14th of Jenuary in 2006. My favourite food is lasa帽a. I live in Huesca in Jose Maria La Casa street. My best friends are Juan , Lucas , Cillas and Luc铆a.

I have one sister called Martina, I put her name. I have fantastic parents their names are Alberto and Natalia.

I am very shy but I am always friendly. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I am never lazy beacause I like doing a lot of things.

I usually play football four times a week and I usually go to english class twice a week . I like playing football and I hate dancing.

This is all about me.


martes, 28 de febrero de 2017

my presentation 'by Alberto'


My name is alberto and I am going to talk about my self.
  I'm ten years old .My birthday is in the 29th of June. I live in Huesca ,in Teruel street
 .I have got two sisters ,one old sister of sixteen years old ,and a little sisterof six years old.I also have got a dog ,its name is cotton  because its hair is very soft .

I'm a thin tall boy. My eyes colour is brown and my hair is brow ,long  and fair.

I'm kind and friendly but ,I am very untidy

I speak Spaish ,Eglish and a little bit of  Frech .I like playing chess,playing drumbs and doing atletics. My favourit subjet is Spanish and my favourit sport is baseball

And this is all about my self.